About Us

Our goal... to make you smile!

You love your animals. We love our animals. They are a part of the family, but they can't always be in your house. Now they can. Show your love with our custom printed illustrated portraits of your favorite people and animals in your life.



Our story

Betty and Bandit came into our lives a few years ago and have been a joy and huge stress relief though the pandemic. They are silk fainter goats that rarely faint! Both have seen almost everything on the farm that would make them faint and have developed creative ways to keep themselves from fainting.

 We have dressed them up, we brought them into our home and we sometimes treat them better than our dogs. They love treats(they aren't very picky) and

walks in the woods(new plants to eat!) Betty and Bandit mostly eat veggies, but love animals crackers. We also have two Nigerian dwarfs, Ivy and Kramer, that have personalities completely different from Betty and Bandit.

We have take so many photos over the years and wanted a clean and modern way to bring them into our home. That's when the idea for Betty and Bandit came about. Why have custom illustrated portraits made of all of our animals to hang inside.



We hope you love them as much as we have!